Zach's Wing Sauce Chocolate Chipolte

Zach's Wing Sauce

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We decided that the only rule with this sauce is that there is no "box!" Don't let the name freak you out, the flavors in Chocolate Chipotle are perfectly balanced.

Smoky and sweet with chocolate overtones, hints of maple and melt-in-your-mouth flavor that doesn’t melt your mouth. Cayenne and smoked chipotle peppers create the heat, underneath layers of dessert-worthy ingredients, Chocolate Chipotle starts out as a curve that ends up right over the plate.

Defy the convention of traditional wing sauces that burn the taste right out of your mouth. This one leaves nothing behind but flavor, blissful flavor. "I just need less chocolate in my life," said no one ever!

Chocolate Chipotle is available in an 11 oz bottle, just the right size for covering 6+ LBS of wings.

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