Zach's Wing Sauce Mesquite Heat

Zach's Wing Sauce

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Now for something completely different. Since the sauce makes the wings, we wanted to amp up traditional cayenne pepper sauce with a surprise. Smoky and spicy, Mesquite Heat is just outside of the box. It's become one that we cook with on a daily basis.

Cayenne peppers forms the base of this wing sauce, but the addition of garlic, oregano, black pepper and a goodly amount of paprika are in just the right proportions to deliver a flavor that is wholly unique. Black strap molasses rounds out this one for a roasted flavor like no other wing sauce.

Yes, the ingredients are a deviation from the norm, but your taste buds won't be confused.

Mesquite Heat is available in an 11 oz bottle, just the right size for covering 6+ LBS of wings.

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